Wig day


Had a wig cleaning day!! The whole room smells like… cleaner =.= It sucks. QQ But! I’m happy how it’s been turning out. Although I lost a lot of the purple strands cause it’s the Hilda wig I wore and it’s super tangley… so brushing it out even with the help of a “conditioner” still sucked. I have the black wig and its extensions all planned out too for Ahri~ Yep. I bought her a blue/black wig, hated it and just decided to do black~ which technically her hair is black and the blues are there for a way to highlight the hair shading etc etc.

Other than wigs I have started to paint details on and sew more details on… honestly why do I do this QQ

Also been trying to eat healthy which i started like a few days ago and then uh… yea today I wanted a sweet/fatty food really badly and I might have went too overboard with that >> So YEA. BACK TO HEALTHY EATING. That also is me resisting the really huge urge to go out to grab boba/coffee/food. Well it saves me money and that just means I feel a liddo less broke after AX >>


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