Right in the middle~


Had a fun time going to a range for a few hours =3 Mainly went to shoot bows but …. we had lots of time and some other great choices so we also had the chance to shoot some guns >> Won’t lie… everything was so much fun =333 And this isn’t the first time i’ve been shooting actually.. went once before with brother and his friends but I didn’t enjoy it probably because it was an indoor range and they didn’t really ask me what I liked or wanted so it was like… ugh. Never wanted to go again. But this time friends taught us and he actually is aspiring to be an instructor so it was so much better!

And yes. I wore a skirt >> At least I wore flats LOL.

I need to take a picture of the paper… but I did pretty good =3 decent for being slightly terrified. Actually hit the middle at some points too! Anyways… really fun. Gee wants to go again which im totally not complaining about~~

Other than that we had some really good Japanese food~ And since that day its been like non stop food..eating… and going out shopping! BUT totally worth all the money spent because I have such exciting things to show now =333



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