I asked for a winged beast…

Smexy Beast~ aka… Winged Beast!

This lovely thing was drawn by Gee~ He actually made my boobs huge cause I wanted them like that lol!! Man…. it really is awesome…. lol!! I currently have it as my lock screen on my phone xD WO~

I finished my 5 hour straight of classes today… but the last 2 hours I was already getting super fidgety >.< Plus… I technically had one more hour to go but he let us out early >.> Nice enough for a straight lecture class …. so boring T.T

I Really don’t have any interesting stories for today just… it’s really fun to look at people in class and try to figure out what kind of person they are trying to be on the outside… I also had a lovely time just trying to eat in class and what not… I also realize how big experience is to the extent that.. I feel so behind just because I don’t have real real job experience yet while alot of other people are doing part time jobs while going to school…



2 thoughts on “I asked for a winged beast…

  1. This would be a badass cosplay*-* if you can make a facial expression that looks badass while standing on someguy with one of the boots, but anyways where the heck do you get such big boots that go so highO_O or is it just the way of his drawing that it looks way to big in high?

    • right?! I think he exaggerated a bit too much with the boobs xD It’s just a really insane push up bra lol! It would be a cool cosplay… I don’t think I can pull it off though >.<

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