I’m trying something new this semester and decided to get myself a weekly calender! It’s cute =3 The chicken reminds me of the evil ones in Zelda xDDD

It’s funny because… I like how I’m not getting ready for all this lovely school stuff.. I’m literally using all my old stuff that I haven’t really.. changed unless I really need to… like if I lost a pencil/pen or if my folders got beat up too badly to use again. Though I do really want a new tote bad/backpack……. >.> I don’t need it though T.T Oh well, I’ll keep looking for something anyways lol

Oh right. Today was my first day of school!!! INSANELY crowded. Like…. every semester before it wasn’t so bad.. but this one? I actually had to sit on the floor for a class -.- That and there are a lot more people trying to crash in on classes which… by the way the school looks like… won’t happen. Way too impacted >.<

Out of the two classes I went to today… I only knew one person >.> But I’m so glad I know that one person.. xD I like having a friend in classes >.> I really need to make more friends……. hing.



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