It’s snack.


Today was a lovely day~ Had a session in the morning and proceeded to get some boba and cake before Gee’s meeting =3 It was yummeh~~ Though interesting things happened today…. I was really… really… helpful o.o Like… I had an hour to sit around and basically do nothing. I read through the school’s newspaper…. failed at sudoku (for some off rreason the one in the newspaper is always really hard….) I also played on my phone for just about as long as it would live.. which isn’t long lately. Hate it =.=

Point is. Helpful! Cause I helped a blind girl to her seat, showed directions to a lost Asian lady, and lent my phone out to someone who needed to make a call even though I was seriously low on batteries >.> Oh! Also struck up random conversations with those around me >.> It was weird…. Anyways… I thought it was odd that me sitting in one spot for an hour would do that xDD Not like you can really reject someone those things >.> Well I suppose you CAN, it’s just… sort of mean to?

I also called two girls hot today. Yea. Geez you guys have to get other adjectives!! But the two girls were celebrities anyways~ lol!

Alright. Full weekend. Gotta start my time log too!! Wo!! Oh the picture? IT’s what I had for snack with Gee xDD



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