Randomly finding songs

One day I was just driving in my car and THIS song comes up on my IPOD. Now… see this is an extremely old ipod so it just stays in my car and plays music for me xD Nice part is that it charges in the car so I literally never take it out unless I’m adding a bulk songs onto it. So I decided to just throw in whatever music is in itunes on my brother’s computer and apparently this is one of them! Point is.. I heard it in the car and I.. liked it. xD My sister apparently put it on there xD So that’s pretty cool… getting to hear new music onn my own ipod! lol!

Anyways… today was technically the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL~ Yea… how many times do I have to go through that?! UGh. xD Actually though, my first day is not until tomorrow because I have no classes on Monday =3 It’s awesome~~~ I’m actually no where near ready for school and will probably just wake up early and start packing my school bag cause … well… honestly it’s college. ALl I need is to print out papers and read them in the morning xD (Yes please don’t use me as your reason to slack off xD)

I went to school today even though I didn’t have to to check out textbooks which… they don’t have any of mine in either bookstores =.= Sooo… I really just went for boba, to drool over clothing, and to try to fix my brother’s phone!! Thanks to Gee for really fixing it though ^^ He’s awesome like that… really!! Something so complicated but so.. so simple -.-



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