Perfect pink


I was on tumblr. I found this dress! Isn’t it pretty? Been looking for inspiration dresses lately! I want to get going on my designs and start my big project~ I want to work on it but…. I dunno what’s stopping me! Although….. I.don’t know… my mother gave me blank stares when I told her my uniqueness is in my creative and optimistic mind set…. that and she doesn’t understand how my group got first place in strategic management. Common. It’s management~ I know she’s worried about me but… I think I can get really far with my sewing work if I just have the capital and time for it! But she wants me to get a government job…. . I honestly don’t want it. It’s…. it’s the opposite of creativity in the sense that every job is rigid. I want to be able to make a difference, to make people happy! I know how the saying normally goes “mother knows best” but for once… maybe not? I don’t want to seem like the rebellious kid but seriously, do I know myself better by now? If not the least I can do is ask the people who know me best…… . ……. although at this point I think everyone knows a different side of me. All my friends should get together and come up with a consensus lol~ Sorry for the rant. I do love this color pink dress and the dress itself though~~~~ –kimiko


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