An elegant white toned corridor leading to a large sunlight room. Around the room houses ballgowns and dresses of the utmost details and prestige. Think about it. Full 8 hooped ballgowns trimmed with ruffles and lace. Trains that would rival any wedding dress. Material of the softest silk that gleams in the sun. Vintage mannequins fits the dress perfectly.

why am I writing this? Honestly it’s quite relaxing. I hope to have one of these rooms one day….a place to store my prized creations and hopefully wear them just for the heck of it. I really want that xD Wearing poofy dresses all day! Ah~

I also think taking a stress management class is helping me~ I always have to remember about the homework to do for it which then entails me to remember to … relax. Oddly enough. It’s also been kicking me to work out… I feel more productive doing so xD

Its been…. maybe a week or so since I’ve been in this weird mood. I think I know what it i but I don’t want to think I do. It’s odd. Maybe it’s lying to myself a little.. or just being stubborn xD I’m not really sure. So I’ve been trying to find something else to negate it and hopefully it works. Yea okay ignoring a stressor isn’t good >.> But so what. (my prof will fail me if she ever read that LOL~)



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