Good flower

 photo DSCN2788_zps51aeb0e6.jpg

I know it’s funky… but I was inspired by Zyra from League~ Just a good version of her! Just an inspiration  which is basically just flowery petal fighting~ I also did this one during my compensation class! >.>;; I believe that was the class the professor kept looking at me funny, I’m honestly not surprised ….

Just thought I’d put something up cause I haven’t really posted anything like it in awhile~

Today was… relaxing? Almost. I went to class….. brought food so I didn’t starve~ I worked out!! Spent a good 20 minutes on the elliptical alone watching the Ellen show (hilarious stuff as well as inspiring)  I wish I did more but by the end of that I was gross and sweaty >.< Plus I’m still sore from Friday’s work out? I think…. I did Pilates  Hard core stuff there >.>;; Need to try it again though! It feels SO good! Except now since I’m sore Gee forgets and throws me into pain by who knows doing what.Okay that sounded a tad bit wrong, it’s not like that!!

Half&Half day with bread and a short mall run =3 Entertaining~



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