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HTC Commercial

Cause.. yea this happened xD

I had an opportunity to be an extra in this commercial, I’m even listed int he part-goers :D Now was it a real party? Eh of course not. But it was something interesting to be a part of and although it took up a huge chunk of my day for some blurry spots and half my face… it was still pretty cool! I met a lot of new people~

+1 to you if you can spot me in a few spots~ Although I think you’re only able to see me in 2… xD

It’s really weird watching the commercial cause I saw it shot out of order haha. So it just seems awkward to me!

Whelp. Other than that I got to talk to a few of the players which was cool. No, I’m not buddy buddy with any of them. Although I kinda wished they didn’t assume I just know who they are >.> Cause I like introductions and no I don’t know who you are unless you introduce yourself xD

Would I do this again? Mmm… maybe. I’m not one for the camera (I say that but I do fashion shows? wat?!) but I would def bring a book and a fully charged tablet next time lol!

Asian ads… :D


I haven’t said HI! In a long time xD so here’s a Hi~~

Today is just one of those day… even with 7-8ish hours of sleep.. it’s just not enough to function throughout the whole day xD Almost fell asleep in class. But I didnt!! Know why? Well in marketing we were learning about global marketing and the prof showed us some really funny (and long) ads.. lets see if I can find one.. OKay here!!

Shampoo ad – made me laugh when it played. Like… who even thinks of this?! and not like theres much there for the guy to touch..

Musical… ad? Noope!! – This one is long but its a.. story. You go WTH?! At the end lol!! I like it though.. its like a mini drama~

Persistant Skin Cream ad – Aha… this was was seriously funny. Me and my friend laughed throughout it xDD

Yea.. this is what I do in class. No.. this is what im forced to watch in class. That and The MAtrix and now (for the past hour or so) I’ve been watched Full Metal Jacket. Yea… not the most exciting movie btw. That’s why I’m writing this while ‘watching’

Oh and guess what? New flats gave me blisters =3 good thing I have bandaids on me lol!!


Tape.. that sticks!

And glitter… so much glitter =3
This commercial does a good job cause I actually went to Target to see if they had glitter…. well I couldn’t find it soo… that’s a no? xD Really love this commercial though!! CLARK! The little planet that was… and fractions!!

For my marketing class we have to find an ad to do a presentation on so I was looking around… I just like this one.. it doesn’t have a negative effect though so I can’t use it.

I was really… tired today. Lack of sleep and just.. disruptions while sleeping. Woke up early cause of the “It’s the first day of school!!” Commotion that went through the house xD Basically fell asleep in class… Parking also sucked. -.- More than usual too. Kinda fun at one point though. haha~

Wathced Kung Fu Panda 2 at school today. you know those free showings~ It was actually.. pretty cool. Like.. literally. it got cold xD But the movie was really funny and I want to watch it again to catch like the small things~ What was funny was seeing the look on Gee’s face when the prey mantis said stuff about not knowing his dad and he wants to go meet a nice girl so his head can get cut off xDD (yea… if you don’t know what I mean well… geographic cannel? xDD) It’s so cute.. I wonder if they will come out with a 3rd movie, cause it has potential? And this 2nd movie was good enough that it didn’t overshadow the first as well as be in the shadows. wo!

Something about Super 8 in a few weeks? >.> I’m not that excited about that though.. >.>

Okay.. time to reign in my groups for school. group projects.. ugh -.-