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Osu…. training!!

So I would’ve posted last night but… I got a little too addicted to the game Osu! The video is of the gameplay of it on a really entertaining song on .. pretty much insane mode xD But we’re using the game as a league training which hopefully helps our team keep our cool in stressful situations. Cause playing this game already tenses up my arm during the more difficult sequences which makes clicking and getting the movements right even harder >.< Oddly enough I’ve had the game installed onto my computer for a few months but haven’t actually played it till last night o.o

It’s a really fun game though~ I like it alot just cause I can play a song .. .fail it it most likely.. and go on to something else xDD It’s a lovely time killer that’s for sure xD But it did prevent me from finishing my sketch so I’ll cut this post shorter just to do that before I have to run off to a birthday dinner of a good friend =3 But don’t let this short post stop your from drooling over the skills in the video. Seriously. Skills T.T