I have no idea why but I’ve been liking this cover of the song… probably more than the actual song xD
It’s funny how many times you listen to a song and somewhere after the billionth time you found a phrase that makes you go “wth.. I didn’t know that was in here” xD This was kinda one of those songs… I just really like the phrase “living in ruins, of the palace within my dreams” I dunno why… just one of my favorite lines xD

That and the song Alone Together from Fall Out Boy which is one of my favorite songs to listen to at the moment as well~ The video for it is so weird though XD creepy actually….the line “my heart is like a stallion, the love is more when it’s broken” (something like that) stood out to me today and made me go… wow. That’s an awesome line. Stallions (wild horses actually) are usually captured and trained into.. well submission. It’s a lovely mental and physical process for the horse which kind of makes me sad at the same time….

Anyways. Cooked some pasta and asparagus today! The asparagus is kind of odd but it oddly turned out nicely xD So whats on the menu for tomorrow? Yea I have no idea o.o


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