Sushi =3


Is it even surprising to see more sushi posts by me?! I mean seriously… >.>
It just happens that I like sushi a lot~ I tried one of my brother’s favorite places today! Why? Cause my broker paid for it… basically. Yea. I spent a good half of my day with my brother. I like talking to him just cause he seems to support what I do and says it in a way of “yea we can back you up with whatever you need” so I have a huge confidence boost. I really should stop doubting that I can’t do something… if anything I know if I really want something I don’t think my family would stop me. And I love that… really. But there are always compromises. I know that.

Anyways. Sushi. This one is actually closer to home and owned by Koreans. Forgot the place name honestly >.> But it was yummy!

They have a happy hour where its like a special roll of sushi and 4 sashimi pieces for $10 and comon. I normally spend $10 alone on sushi and this place gives me extra! xD Plus my roll was normally like $13 sooo >.> envy?

looks like a new desktop is in the making annnd… I am even more offically a real estate person soo… wo? wo. lol.




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