Merry. Happy, Jolly, Chirstmas~

Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday to all~~~

So I said I’d take some pictures and… well here, let me share the massive present pile my house had:


That’s pretty much the side pile of it… it’s just because there are a lot of people in the house.. so everyone had a decent amount of presents… except for me of course since grandma wrote the names wrong on some of them so my sister and my cousin got some of my gifts >.> And I feel bad about going up to them and saying “yea… those are mine… >.>” But at the same time I barely got.. anything. Let’s see.. I got:

A nerf gun. courtesy of my brother.
A new keyboard which works the same way as my old one lol!
A pin holder for sewing
A jewelry display holder thing
annnd…. I think that’s it. I think.
OH wait! eeyore too. But that’s from white elephant game =3

Other than that I was suppose to get a pair of jeans and headphones. In which my sister who got the jeans got another 4 pairs and my cousin who got the headphone got 2…. so at the same time I shouldn’t feel bad >.>?

Anyways… here’s a picture from what I Basically looked like for Chirstmas~


Really..santa-like~ But it was fun =3 Since I don’t think I could wear this outfit at any other time without it being too overly “christmassy” xD

Hope everyone had a happy day~ If not… well the New Year is coming up! At least it’s something to look forward too~ We did survive the end of the world~

Now … just that awkward time between Christmas and New Years…. What do I do >.>



One thought on “Merry. Happy, Jolly, Chirstmas~

  1. So much presents O_O you could have build a house with them but i guess sadly they are allready unwraped xD and i love the christmas outfit of yours it suits you:)

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