A pre-Christmas


So our Christmas eve is basically Christmas morning for alot of people xD After church we always open our presents because honestly by that time it’s officially “Christmas” anyways! Well the “loot” post will come around tomorrow.. maybe. hopefully~ And more pictures of today tomorrow because I’m tired and it’s about 2am right now xD (trying to stalk santa, not working xD)

Anyways grandma wrote most of the tags this year…. because she’s the master at wrapping gifts xD My brother had it so she even wrapped her own xD It was hilarious. I think that’s what made opening presents so fun, grandma~ She wrote my name as Chang again -.- every year!!! Well.. okay not EVERY, there was once a time where she got it right…. way back when. lol~ (and no, I won’t tell you what my asian name really is, but it’s close enough to Chang honestly…. and I’m not saying Chang isn’t cool.. he’s in Mulan!!) So I thought I’d share though… xDDD

Man…. Chirstmas…. <3



7 thoughts on “A pre-Christmas

  1. and a question is this 3 names you have in your asian name? or is one a family name cause 3 names would be hard to remember xD

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