I had more luck today with selling ears =3 I’m glad! People seem to like them but only a handful actually buy them…. eh what do you expect right? But it’s lovely to hear people stop and say “aww this is so cute!” and I just go ” o.o <33333″ xDDDD I don’t have wig heads yet but.. I did have a pikachu on the table so I put the ears on it hoping that.. it’ll attracted more attention xDDD What DID attract attention was that my whole booth was pokemon people~ We had one ash~ A Pichu (me) which btw people always said pikachu at first glance xD, there was my sister as an eevee today, and I gave flareon ears to Lilly to wear ^^ It was lovely~

I was really perky and happy throughout most of the day~ Me and Gee went around to other booths and met a few different people! I’ll have to find their sites or something and list all the awesome people out that actually made the effort to talk back to us xD Because… well… we tried talking to a few artist but I guess they just weren’t in the mood or they were anti social…

Saw part of the masquerade… I actually was asleep for a good portion of it though… the tiredness just hit all 3 of us in there T.T Then there was a sketch jam afterwards where I was so embarrassed that my art wasn’t as great as the people around me T.T I’m a cosplayer dangit!! But I tried anyways… I wish I kept th epics to show but I didn’t xD OH well… not that great anyways!

I’m excited… plans for a next con is in the works even though from what it seems… we might not break even o.o Whatever. long term investment is what I’ll call it.



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