Slow first day

I know this is kind of lame… but I don’t have the picture files yet of the actual con so.. I’ll have to make do with this >.<

First day of AM2!! We spent so much time trying to set up and do everything perfectly… for what? For people to buy like 3 prints and just gawk and glare >.> There are some seriously rude people which I won’t mention because… then I’ll be mean. But! I’ll focus on the cool people! I met like 3 memorable people and 1 friend from school that I was so shocked to see I hope i didn’t completely scare her off LOL!

I also got a lot of compliments on Pichu which I was very surprised of… because to me it’s a ‘whatever’ cosplay since I made it awhile ago… but I forgot that I only have pictures on it online and it’s never been worn to a convention o.o It got a lot better rep than my Eevee o.o Which! I saw a girl wearing the design Gee made for me~ I thought that was cute xD

OKay,,, I was fallling asleep so badly while driving home so.. I Think it’s time for bed. I don’t even have any strength to do… anything. All my energy is being poured into this! Be happy!



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