College experience

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Today was… not as planned o.o My morning is still a little hazy from me just being sleepy… but in the afternoon we went to a new bakery with some awesome cakes =3 More on that tomorrow most likely~~

BUT! The main part of today came from going to my school’s spring concert! It featured a canadian band called Wavve? Or something like that. And then a rapper which was Don… Kennedy? Didn’t like him. At all. =.= Then again didn’t like the band either, main singer was so whiny sounding. All his songs had the same note in it >.> Same long agonizing note. Then there was A-Trak which everyone seemed to love? But we didn’t even stay to him full part cause there was such a strong smell of… “skunk” (you can guess that what is) and alcohol that is was unbearable.

Honestly, the first part of the concert was pretty fun because we just looked at all the slutty girls and douchy guys that went by. Although I admit I was also a tad bit slutty today >.> For some off reason my shirt got like.. stretched as the day went on o.o People grinding on each other…. guys you could clearly tell was drunk/high. I really just liked the 3 girls in front of us in the end cause they were dressed nicely and genuinely looked out of place… like us.

So yes. First college concert like that. And last. I will stick to my Big Bang concerts and any Asian kind of concerts basically. Normally no drinking is involved there cause you know…. something about enjoying the music and respecting the artist performing? Yea. That. I can only imagine the hell coachella is xD

(Slightly annoyed from my League losses and the red eye I came out of that concert with cause of the horrid stink… and flashy lights.)



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