We eat. We play!

 photo DSCN2792_zps0f4588b6.jpg

See… this is what I do on a Friday apparently >.> We go get some lunch (which was super yummy) and then go to school to set up for a league game! Yea… we played like 2 until Gee had a meeting then we played a bit more… then got tea! It was lovely~ I think Gee is just trying to get me fat off of tea and boba but… eh who knows~ I feel bad! I spend too much of his money >.> But at least he’s making some money xD

So this weekend will be full of being busy! I have some cosplay to work on. Some ears to finish. Designs to clarify still. Research and reading to do for school! And I have a product photo shoot planed for sometime this week… hopefully.

I’ll get my free time of playing games in right now while I can =3



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