:D I got a tablet! Well.. brother actually got it and I took it from him =3 Well. It was given? LOL! Anyways I like it. It’s mainly used for music in my room and just random things like bringing it to events. Looking up pictures etc etc. Mainly my cosplay helper it seems!

I’ve been busy… FINALLY finished coloring all the designs and putting models to them! Well. Sorta. More like just seeing who might look good in what and how many times I can get fittings in for them… I’m going kinda crazy with it so I don’t want to chance having it look weird on people >.> I also decided to also be in the show myself because… well. It’s what I do =3 And I’m not JUST a designer, I’m a cosplayer!

I also changed the bg of the tablet since I took this pictures, it’s now waifu and senpai =3 aka asuna and kirito! Been LOVING them as my OTP as I keep reading the books. Which reminds me I’m almost done with the 2nd one and I have to ask Gee if I can borrow the 3rd =3 It’s wonderfully asian too since it’s the direct interpretation and I’m wonderfully asian so my mind actually reads the sentences right even though they aren’t lol!

So much to do tomorrow. I also gave up shopping for lent. Yea. Online and physical unless related to work!



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