Selfie with Ruby


:D I wanted to take a selfie with Ruby and Gee but I think he was commenting to someone else at the time and I got this picture xDD That or I just wanted proof I can fit my head into his neck =.= Either way it makes a good picture to post here cause his face isn’t really showing xD I don’t like showing too many people’s faces in my pictures cause … well I’m not sure if they fully know I post them >.>;; \

BUT ISNT RUBY CUTE?!?! With her little hair clip~~~ I stole her away from her daddy so often =3 It was wonderful.

Whelp. Long week for me! My goal is to be out of the house by 9 everyday o.o I wonder if I can manage… I did find a lot of yogurt in the fridge so breakfast shouldn’t really hold me back. Although I tend to not like yogurt in the morning.. it just doesn’t seem like enough! Prob cause I like carbs. Plus how weird is it to have yogurt and coffee in the morning.. hm. Maybe I’ll make thai tea tomorrow. Cause yogurt and tea just sounds…. ok just as odd. Scratch that. No yogurt. Tea and biscuits. Yea. I can deal with that =3


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