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Lion goes Rawr


:D HAPPY NEW YEAR~~~!!! <3

Which I believe I said on another social media of some sorts but I haven’t said it here! =3

So I started today with trying to get some sleep but kept getting woken up by one thing or another =.= So I probably only had a good 4 hours of sleep and the rest was sporadic and gave me a headache QQ But I decided to go with my mother/grandma/friend today to just greet the new year with giving luck and receiving luck =3 But before I left this morning I had time to take selfies with my little ram ram~~~ Which is why you get a lot of selfie pics that get kinda weird >.> xDDD I was trying the dark lipstick that I bought for Hilda and I was surprised that I quite like it on a normal wearing basis o.o It really depends on the outfit but I think it makes me look more.. mature? put together? XD Iono. Its different and I do like it.

And then the pic on the top left is after a long day and my makeup looks like it kinda went POOF and the lipstick I took off cause I wanted to eat and drink boba =3

I did manage to take a nice picture and pet the lion that is used during the traditional lion dances~ And a goat! :DDD Not a real one but I LOVE seeing how the goats/sheeps are so adorned and put on display =3 and its for THE WHOLE YEAR *feeling special* Ok not really since its not JUST me but.. yea.