Okay I first have to apologize for such an awful picture… honestly… what was I thinking?! But this does give me something to talk about so I decided to post it up anyways xD

I’m a lover of pearls so this lovely top portion of a shirt caught my eye really quickly. As I do like the middle portion and even the ruffles emitting from the bottom portion, the beads that circle the pearls are quite tacky for my taste. I only took a picture of the top cause that’s all I liked…. the rest flowed down and.. I dunno… I wish it was a dress with a sinched in waist with extra ruffles at the bottom as a hem~ How cute would that be o.o So maybe once day, when I Don’t mind hand sewing a whole bunch of pearls in a clump, I’ll attempt it =3

I woke up early today to go work with my mother as basicallly helping her with tax stuff. It’s quite tedious and boring at times >.> It’s bearable with friends to talk to online though xD That and SNACKS~ lol!! I also did some shopping and was able to finally order my dress I’ve been wanting =3 I also got a few other things which I really hope work out ^^ I shall post about them when the shipment comes in hopefully~ I did learn one thing today… I look terrible in certain dresses. Luckily, they arn’t my type anyways! (what kind of dresses? Well you can guess by the type you only see me wear anyways xP)



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