<3 cakes!


Happy Valentine’s day to everyone~ it’s a day to show love and care =3
Sadly for me I don’t think I did too much today… I barely saw my dad and my mom and grandma are away :[ I did get to Skype with gee for a little and I spent quality time with the kiddos … didn’t get to say it to my friends either! I’m a horrible friend T.T
I kind of wish I did have a more special Valentine’s but I Know I’ll have an even better Valentine weekend =3 so I’m looking forward to sharing some cool snow pictures with you all soon!!
But if you did something awesome for Valentine’s day… feel free to share it below! For me? I did bake mini cakes and I did some cosplay! And honestly food and cosplay? That’s love right there =3 who needs guys?  Pff.
(Don’t need them but I want them! I miss you gee, can’t wait to see you!)
-insert corny phrase here-
See? Perfect.



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