Who’s that..?

 photo DSCN2697_zps4cd223b1.jpg

Guess who~~??


Finally tried on my asuna wig for the first time! Even though it came styled.. I might just take it apart a bit and re-style it because I’m not happy that it’s not exactly right >.> But I’m happy about the length (it’s the same length my pre-haircut was at) Oh! I did take pictures of how short my hair is now but I’m debating on putting it up… I took the pictures with no makeup or anything which isn’t so bad but.. what people use other people’s pictures for now a days I’m scared of… so I’ll see. I might blur my face out a bit. Maybe? xD

Other than that… somewhat productive day I think. I started baking at like midnight so I have it ready for the morning >.< Yes. Baking!! All by myself, no sister for once o.o Not like she did a lot of work anyways…lol~

Mmm…. I think that’s t. Made more bows. Ate more junk food. Feels like a saturday o.o It’s a friday. That’s weird.


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