Side Look


Weird hair look huh? Yea I’m just having fun with it xD Plus… this look from the side … makes me want to cut my bangs differently… I think I will. Time for a hair cut!! And probably color change..? >.> (all the white hairs in me.. gotta get rid of them somehow!!)

Today is the main day of the fiesta at the nearby church. I only go for the food… cause comon.. it’s honestly the only thing that is good there. The Viet booth food which always seems to be busy. And then I always get an apple pie (or some sort of a pie) and usually a funnel cake. It’s .. routine now xD I don’t even play the games or go on the rides… why? Well the games you get… crappy prizes. I’d rather go play the crane game at the asian acrade and spend my money that way. At least I know i’ll get something cute if I do win!! Then for rides… 6 Flags!!! Or Disney? xD But I guess since this fiesta is close.. why not right?? Enjoy to food~

I’ve also been trying to do a bun kind of look… it’s been failling.. I know I’m doing something wrong… but what?! (Yes.. I’m still playing with my hair xD)


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