Introverted, sorta.


I was thinking how introverted I am >> I was (well still sort of am) a shy kid and that stuff kind of sticks even as growing up. You just kind find ways to diminish it but it’s still there at the core. But I was thinking… why don’t I mind talking to random people now? I thought about it last night and came to the conclusion that I like having the opportunity to make someone’s day a little better. I usually don’t bring grief or hardships to them >>

I wrote that tidbit a few days ago and just the other day this happened! What happened? This wonderful Tiramisu dessert~ It was really good and quite different. Anyways the waiter that came by and just asked us questions ended up really liking us and gave us dessert on the house :D It was quite good and oh man I want some more =3

Just shows spending a bit of time to get to know people here and there can be a mutual benefit. (And of course sometimes it bites you in the butt but… hey, it’s always going to be a risk)

Anyways, it’s kind of like how Ellen always says “be kind to one another”.
It’s not going to ever really be a bad thing to do. & how can I ever regret being nice?
Remember, be nice but be firm with yourself! Don’t let yourself get pushed around with your ideals but always educate yourself to know what’s right.


Hiking continues


In an attempt to get my family to be more active, me and my brother have decided to really dedicate ourselves to get up early Sunday mornings to really get out and see new sights! So far it’s been going really well and it’s good to see my parents really get out and just enjoy good scenery and weather! I’m quite proud of my dad who doesn’t really get out at all be able to conquer a full trail of uphills and huge steps. And for a trail that has many dogs, my mom did not freak out as much as I thought she would xD So it’s all good!

For the most part that is xD I mean I do get annoyed at my parents pretty often still but that’s usually resulting from being hangry and them not understanding where I’m really at in life >< It’s always a hectic planning battle in my head and I’m surprised I’m keeping up. Ever have those moments? Where your brain goes a little faster than writing or speaking. It’s been happening to me lately and I’ve been trying to write things down right when that happens xD It helps!

Speaking of writing, I think after this planner I’ll really design my own. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and I haven’t forgotten about it!

BTW, in an attempt to edit this picture so the background was as nice as I saw it… my face shadows got a little distorted xD It’s okay though! It was a no makeup day anyways. & look, the city of LA~ I believe this hike was near the Hollywood sign! Quite a trip xD

the scenic route


Rainbow! :D Been waking up early on the weekends to do walks/hikes with family and friends~ It really is fun to be able to explore new places while enjoying good company and seeing nice sights! I found that I like looking at pretty/interesting houses more than the beach xD We walked along the pathway next to the beach and I think I only looked over at the water like… 3 times? I spent most of the time admiring the architecture~ Did you know at one point in time I really wanted to be an architect? I love designing houses inside to out but it’s one of those things that I can’t do in real life so easily. But designing dresses is so much better~ Once in awhile I have the urge to create and interior design a house which is why I loves the Sims series so much <3 Maybe I’ll post up a little thing of the latest house I made! I’m quite proud of it =3

Since I haven’t been getting a lot of sleep I actually slept in today o.o Till like noon almost too! I’m very behind in work now though so tomorrow is going to be a busy day!

The classy


Gasp what? A picture taken DAY OF POST?! Yea. That’s right. I’m BACK GUYS :D

Granted I don’t know how long this will last but… let’s revel in the fact it’s even happening~

So TODAY. omg, it’s been a really long time since I got to explore like this! & in such a nice place o.o We started out the day doing our downtown LA crawl for food and fabric. Then went northward for snacks! Found out we were in walking distance with a cute outdoor mall section which was REALLY nice. It was called the Americana? Something like that. I snapped a bunch of it. XD Randomly outside was this huge chandelier which is pretty classy in itself. Even the trashcans has rose gold rims. Yea. That’s right. Best part? Dude the bookstore in there LOL We spent so much time in it and never go around to actually clothes shopping. I guess that’s good tho right?! Knowledge is power guys. I want to get back to reading a few books on my list. Might crack it open soon~ We’ll see how much classes feel like kicking my butt xP

omg, please don’t judge my eye bags in this photo. I haven’t mastered the art of undereye makeup yet! >< That and it has been a long day and my makeup likes to just slowly slip off… & what’s sleep? Cause I really don’t know! XD

& that’s Heajo in there with me~ It’s her birthday =3 Hence the trip! It was fun! Plus… you can’t not be happy in a place that’s just so freakin nice looking. I’m amazed we stumbled upon it like we did.


Always need…


Funny thing happened today where a girl came up and asked me some questions for her blog. She asked what I pray for. And it completely caught me off guard o.o I’m relatively a religious person because of my family and once upon a time I used to go to bed wishing for various things. They mainly consisted of keeping my family safe and healthy and just staying on a path that’s right for me. But other than that I don’t know… So I kind of just told her what I’ve been just worried about the most and what I’d love more of: time.

Time is just flying by like crazy. I feel like I’m doing a lot but … really not. I’m trying to live in the moment but also plan for my future. It’s a weird balance where I wonder why I go through so much just for something so uncertain. If that makes sense.

& I’m not gonna lie, it’s been a struggle lately. With work to school to my brand. It’s hard. It really doesn’t help when I kind take a step back and see that I’m pretty much flying solo in it. Yes I have some great friends helping out here and there but… there’s no one there to see the full story.

But. I’ll get through it~ I have a client who thinks of me as some superhero with all that I do. It doesn’t feel that way but I’m flattered to see someone think so highly of me.