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Quick Fix 1


I’ve been quite inspired lately to not only make my own clothes from scratch but to just… update my wardrobe with pieces that I already have but want to change a little bit.

An example is this pink dress here! It’s a nice stretchy dress I bought maybe a year ago for less than $10 from a random store in the mall. I got it because I do like the color even though I was pretty skeptical about the lace part on top. Ever since I bought it I had tried to wear it out but it just seemed too… old and proper. The neckline wasn’t actually that flattering on me so I decided to change it up!

Since spring is here and I wanted more strappy dresses I could pair with a cover-up to make it more elegant. And with summer right around the corner I could just wear it with a belt and sandals to have a casual outfit!

I just seam ripped the lace part off and took the bias from that to make the straps. I cut the neckline a bit more into a V shape and finished it off to match the rest of the dress.

It’s a simple fix, took me about 2 hours while playing D&D with some friends through skype! Now instead of wondering how to wear it, I’ll have an easy time pairing it with jackets to get out of the house~

I’ve been loving pinks again actually! I made a floral skirt which I want to do a proper photoshoot after I get through some exams.



Insanity shopping


That’s right. You see it right!! THIS IS IT!!! =3333
I thought of this  purchase as an investment…. it was $100 o.o Joanns. And even though it’s probably the biggest thing I’ve ever bought for myself. I justified it by saying it’s for my commission business xD Good enough? It better be >.>
I absolutely do love it thought!! =3 It’s actually.. a bit big. Like… all of my measurements are smaller than it by about a inch to half an inch.. I kind of … glad? But same time.. not.. because I want it like me xD Hey.. at least I don’t have to adjust it? I think.. I don’t wanna mess with it too much. I <3 it =3 It’s a friend I bought for my sister LOL~ She likes it ^^;; I just give it new clothes and poke pins into it

This is what I woke up at 5am to get this morning. Oh how much I love black friday =.= I also got a pair of flats (Yes! Flats! They were cheap XD) And also skinny jeans o.o I know right? Well.. I hope they fit. I.. kinda.. tried them on? I was in a hurry. The whole store was 50% off! I should’ve bought more. Ohh… I wish I bought more. But I’m gald I didn’t because I really need to save money up. Phhhsshh.. nvm. I don’t need to save. I need to make o.o I’ll get there. I will…

Bright side? Today felt SOO long I did everything in one. I shopped. I napped. I ate yummy food. I sewed my dress (finished alot o.o) Did some clay work. And watched 3 episodes of Charmed and 3 episodes of What Not To Wear o.o

Wow.. I did alot. I feel accomplished… Time to start it all over again tomorrow!!! … !!!! … =.=;;

Shopping was harsh. People are pushy. People are bump-ish. And the lines are so crazy I was about to make my sister become a distraction and I would cut the line xD And I found it funny to see so many groups of guys in H&M buying clothes together (go figure it was aLOT of asian in there, lol~) Then there was the group of girls in front of us that were talking about their bfs and how … they have to dress them? I mean why else would they be at H&M Men xD

One thing I regret.. is not buying those boots.. TT.TT It was about $20ish bucks.. but I didn’t know if it fitted lenne really.. ARGH. Its okay.. its okay.. I’ll get them after christmas.. but I do NEED them before Jan… ALA!! Rawr.