Always need…


Funny thing happened today where a girl came up and asked me some questions for her blog. She asked what I pray for. And it completely caught me off guard o.o I’m relatively a religious person because of my family and once upon a time I used to go to bed wishing for various things. They mainly consisted of keeping my family safe and healthy and just staying on a path that’s right for me. But other than that I don’t know… So I kind of just told her what I’ve been just worried about the most and what I’d love more of: time.

Time is just flying by like crazy. I feel like I’m doing a lot but … really not. I’m trying to live in the moment but also plan for my future. It’s a weird balance where I wonder why I go through so much just for something so uncertain. If that makes sense.

& I’m not gonna lie, it’s been a struggle lately. With work to school to my brand. It’s hard. It really doesn’t help when I kind take a step back and see that I’m pretty much flying solo in it. Yes I have some great friends helping out here and there but… there’s no one there to see the full story.

But. I’ll get through it~ I have a client who thinks of me as some superhero with all that I do. It doesn’t feel that way but I’m flattered to see someone think so highly of me.


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