Archive | February 14, 2017

You be you <3


It’s Valentine’s Day! It’s a day I used to sneer at and call single awareness day xD But to be honest I haven’t been single in awhile! And guess what? Nothing… really changed >>;; I found I don’t like to do anything big for valentine’s day. Some years I made chocolates for friends and other times we all went out for good food =3 The downside about the food part is… pretty much everyone else wants good food as well xD

I do think some thanking is in order for this guy who has constantly combated my weird with his weird xD Heck, I knew he was a keeper from the day I found out he can understand my mumbling of a talk!

I could probably go on and on about random tidbits but.. well… that’d just inflate his ego xP SO instead I’ll highlight on one point that I’ve been quite thankful for: my designing.

It never would have happened without him. I wouldn’t have found wonderful friends through girls who model for me or be able to just …be so happy seeing my designs come to life. I really do owe it to him & even though I can see him trying to weed out of being my manager (yea, you don’t fool me) I do understand as he has a hectic life on his own ><

Talk about finding someone who really brings out the best in you. Always refining myself into a better version :D Kinda how I pick my friends. In all my friends I admire a trait that I’d like to incorporate into my own life.

Anyways. Thank you for reading this jumbled mess of a post xD It’s late and I’m pretty tired. Don’t mind the weird picture I posted of him. He’s doing some impossible anime pose LOL. It was during a photoshoot and I was bored while he checked camera settings.

Also. I’d like to point out that I admire a lot of my “fans” which I like to refer to more as online friends, why? It’s weird to ever think I have fans XD But honestly if you like my work and design, I feel like we’d be on the same wavelength anyways to be able to talk :D At least we’d have something in common? ^^; Back to the point: I admire them because they have to charisma to say that they like my things with comments and likes. Personally I’m shy and it’s not in my habit to do that. But I see how happy it makes me seeing all the interactions… I want to pass it on! So I’ve been trying to like and comment when I get the chance :D

NOW it’s a jumbled mess. LOL. Sorry. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! Spend it with someone who gets you. if not? well. you get you, so treat yourself :D (cause that’s what I’m going to do today!)