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Old to new!


Lol~ So there’s a great story behind this~ To the left is Gee’s old charm which was batch 1 of my pentapus ninja charms! Of course his jeans completely ate them t.T sooo… recently I made a new and updated version that will hopefully last forever! Forever as long as he doesn’t put it in the wash… run it over with the car… or… well you get it~ xDD I decided to go with a darker color for the newer pentapus because it looked really nice.. before I mixed blues to create a nice lighter version of the navy blue.

Anyhow… I made a nice purple one for my other friend and… in making those I forgot to make a new pink one for myself -.- /fail
But it’s okay.. mine’s still living :3

Oh and I took this while in the car (not driving~) which explains the wierd but kinda cool bg! Speaking of driving… I went to get my car fixed today… the girl that helped me this time seriously made my day =3 Hopefully I’m not getting too happy about something that is not what it seems…. But… if this experience turns out good I’ll blog about it completely~ If it turns out bad… well you can DEFINATELY count on me bloging it later >.>;;

Kay… time for… SEWING! Today? Circle skirt failing -.- Hing. I just wanted to try something different!!!




A sneak peak to what I did a few days ago~ They are my Pentapus’ and a whale my sister made.. currently not baked but will be soon! (As soon as I dig up some tin foil >.>) Then they will be painted and given out to some friends for a test drive (batch 1 failed a few months back).

Though honestly… I probably will just screw painting them and buy colored clay. More expensive but… eh. It’ll have to do because the paint keeps rubbing off.

Oh today? Got lazy. Distracted. But I did work on some pokemon ears and what not… while watching.. guess it. Pokemon!! The Deoxy movie~ lol! Tomorrow I wanna watch Girachi? Jirachi? I don’t remember how to spell it >.<;; But I hope to finish the ears and refine my umbreon tail patttern.. and star another pattern which will probably be leafeon~? Hum. Maybe!! <3


Mini Tentacles~


A Kimikotan Creation~
Presenting: Ninja Pentapus!!

I finished these little creations awhile ago but I’m currently testing how they hold up and people’s reactions. I seriously love these little things!! <3 Cute huh? I’m actually planning on making more to sell… the bottom is what makes it so cute!! But you’ll have to wait to see them.. I’m working on getting some tough sealers so the paint won’t chip off at allll~

Did you get why they are call pentapus? xD

So today was extremely hot. Like. Omgsh *melts*
I felt my feet burning cause the only black I wore was my shoes.. yea.. mistake. Oh!! But a girl did say she liked my shoes… I had seaweed in my mouth so I hope she wasn’t freaked out at that.. lol!!!  That’s nice.. a compliment is nice to get.. I need to compliment more. =3

Then I actually started studying today. I have SO much to do it’s crazy. >.>;; I’ll go them all eventually? T.T Oh well… school has been.. fun~ Someone also wants me to stop holding back… that person also doesn’t know what he gets himself into… sooo… lets see how this goes. (and whatever “holds back” means to you… well thats irrelevant xP)


burnt T.T


So I took up sculpting again!! I wanted to make these two critters~ So I went to phase 1!! Wanna see progress? Here~
(warning, the red one was a bit hard so I made the ears a bit larger than I should’ve XD) But it’s not phase 1 with no mistakes~

They take formmmm!! MY sister said it looks cuter without the legs xD But I think it gives it a nice touch…

they are… SO perfect… in clay form. then… I BURNT THEM T.T
Since I haven’t baked anything in a long time… I forgot the oven starts at 400 degrees… and its a long way to press down to get to 275… where its suppose to be at. But it was dark.. I was in a hurry.. and I guess I stopped it at 375… so when I came back in 10 minutes I found the oven smoking and these critters burnt really badly T.T All the details wiped out and hinnngg T.T I did try painting them.. but they arnt smooth and what not so I gave up. I’ll re-do it… and  better!!

And I was told not to burn down the house… >.> xDDD

That’s my progress regarding clay. Can’t tell what these little babies are? Digimons!!! Viximon and Gigimon. I really love Vixi~


It’s the force~


I know I knooww T.T How … geeky right? No. It’s not. It’s pure awesomeness~ It’s on my sketchbook.. like its ON my sketchbook. Permanently! It’s lovely no? Just made it out of clay for fun =3 I think if I was to make another i’ll have to do more measurements and make it smmooth~ But I’ll make something for my sketchbbok each time I make a charm! Which…  I do have done but I’m not very proud of >.> Here’s a picture anyways. I know it can be better T.T


It’s okay. It’s a silver.. octopus? xD With Bombomb like eyes.. lol!! Dont ask >.>

Anyhow. Today? Played some Little Big Planet with my sis. Did some errands…. got more tissues! Got boba >.> I needed that baby. Annnd… I found a cute bikini which I have to go look at again cause they didn’t have my size T.T Next time!!! Time to sketch some more and see what I can do with some fabric and old things =333