Detail. Details.


The sheer amount of work I underestimated T.T see this design? It’s what is just on a sleeve…. not even a main thing! Just a sleeve!! =-= but I’m still going all out on details and what not cause in the point I’m at with cosplay … I should be producing works that challenge me and is difficult anyways. So I’m excited~ takes a few .. hours to cut out just 1 but luckily I only need two lol~

I’ve been wanting to post more but I literally don’t have any time to spare unless I’m doing it in bed or in the car xD I haven’t played league in forever T.T and I finally get a dang reaper in tera but I don’t have time to play!!

Did I mention my parents haven’t been happy with me? I’m not the successful smart girl that they want me to be… basically I’m not a doctor or lawyer =3= but honestly it’s not like I haven’t set my sights high…. I still expect a huge amount out of myself just… not in the way they only know. Asian parents man.

Anyways… I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow! Night~



One thought on “Detail. Details.

  1. well i play tera too but the european version but there are also americans in it so iam not sure if there really is a american version or not ^^ but iam 1 lvl befor getting reaper aswell but i guess i will mainly stick with my sorcerer since its awesome:3

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