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Got all the badges!


Hey Guess what I did when I woke up today!!
This =.= I ended up actually getting out of bed at like 130 pm >.< Bad right? Felt so good. I did some stretching exercises afterwards.. now THAT felt good. Which reminds me.. gym=good. Go figure right?

Now… The picture you see above is where I was this morning. I have pokemon black btw~ It’s cause I think the white legendary is SO much cuter =3 Anyhow… Yes! JUST finished getting my 8th badge. Time to go beat the elite 4 and then.. who knows? Its been awhile since I beat a pokemon game o.o crazy. Makes me want to play platinum…again.

Time to go play some more? Okay… after some hw >.>

WO~ ALL 8 BADGES! They look so smexy too~




Pokemon Black and white comes out in EXACTLY one week!!!!
So so so excited for it =3

But before that day comes.. I have a week of midterms! Okay a day. But whatever.
Guess what? I decided to do less studying and look up the pokemon I want XDDD
Once again, I’m being mean and only picking pokemon that are cute. Then finding a common theme to name them all after… I’m thinking… gems? No that’s so girlie. (har) ……..cake flavors =3
Can you say.. Tiramisu?

Anyhow. Here’s some of the cute ones~

Gotta always start off with a started pokemon!! So cute right? Okay.. more .. elegant?

Done Pokemon whoreing =P

Okay.. I think it’s time to study. Gahhh… can’t.. can’t wait. To be able to NOT study =P And pokemon seems like the perfect reason to do not so =D


Miku fin. =]


Today! Is a very exciting day for me becauussseee… I fininsh Miku!! AND took pictures!
For the contest at least. Which is why my hair is.. my hair xD

What I learned from this though?
My makeup.. doesn’t show. I’m gonna have to exaggerate it a bit more..
I even have fake eyelashes on!! Those are so uncomfy… but I finally am able to get them on right and stick on ^^

See my necklace? finished it this morning ^-^

Oh! I have new posts on my cosplay blog. Go look at more pretty pictures xD

That’s what I did today..
you know what.. I’m feeling really good about it so here’s a full pic xD A sneak peak to see whats to come at AX? ^-^


Cool huh? =P

Man I soooo wish I wore this to my prom last year!! Too bad I didn’t have such skills back then.. T.T

anyhow~ Now time to do some work… play some more Plants vs. Zombies. And Start on more cosplay!!

Sometimes I wonder if working months ahead of time on cosplay was crazy… then I remember how great it feel to be at AX in them completed.. so I think it’s worth it ^-^

Look out AX… 2.5 weeks to go!


Black& White


Fromt he top white one to the bottome black one… the black one looks soooo much better! Doesn’t it? I mean really… maybe its just that it goes with me more…

anyways white works better as an accent XD;;

Imma wear the black one for my interview next week~ ^-^ Just to stand out more? I dunno.. I like it. Yea I bought the black one btw. For…$20. Not bad! compared to the one I saw in the other store which was $23 I believe. So! Always check around before buying I guess~ And when its a good sale buy it! ^-^;;

So I’m sooo happy I got it!! <3 My brother says it looks goth.. I’m like.. well I kinda wanna go Lolita.. but casual~ Not too hard core XD;;