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So I haven’t really documented what has happened to me in the past few days regarding this topic: cars.

Above you see a picture. It’s not my car. xD It’s not! It’s the inside of a Yaris that was rented to me~ It was because my car was in the shop for a broken GPS that has been broken for quite some time. I finally got around to bothering the dealership to fix it for me >.> So now it looks REALLY nice and I feel sort of bad  for having so many problems with them >.< But they really came through for me in the end~ I would show you a picture of it now but… I haven’t gotten around to taking one xD But this one they said is reliable and really nice =3 I love toyota for this <3 I was seriously going to ban anyone else I know from buying one but… this made me change my mind. Oh… it was all free :] That’s why~ Gotta thank Gee for kicking my butt and making me bother them >.>

So I woke up early to do the car things and it has been consuming my mind for awhile but I saw no need to blog it until I saw how everything turned out~

The Yaris btw…. annoyed me SO much. Nice and smooth ride, cute and small BUT is so technologically ..lacking. I like my auto seats, auto lock, auto-ANYTHING. So it really irked me out that I had to crank the thing to make the side mirrors move -.-

Other than that.. today I’m SO brain dead. Just… so much work and.. ugh. It’s on overload. So even with Gee and after food… we were just so mentally tired. >.< And I come home to the kiddos breaking a glass bowl because the boy was lazy and never properly put it away. Was this really how I might have been as a kid?! It’s so frustrating =.=

Happy Good Friday~ No meat day = Sushi day for me =3


Stupid… car.


*Rant Alert

I decided to get my navi fixed for my car today… that thing is a lovely beast =.= Has given me so much trouble but it’s saved my butt many times too! I’ve grown fond of it even if its annoying xDD But lets start from the beginning~

A few days ago I emailed Toyota asking is my warranty was still covering the car and all. Which I assume it would but you know.. just gotta make sure. So I got a nice response back through email saying they needed my VIN to verify.. so I did. I might have typed it in wrong now that I look at it… I think I put in an O instead of an 0. so I never got a response back. So I called them and got repatched through and they didn’t pick up. Okay…. So then I emailed them back saying I never got a response! Wo! Someone called me and I was happy because I was able to schedule an appointment. So thats what brought me to the service of Toyota today.

Now now appointment was at 1:30 and I came in about.. 1:38… so lets say 10 minutes late. Who knew traffic would be gross. Anyhow… I saw the guy in front of me get help but I stood there looking around…couple guys passed me… no one… So I asked the people at the shuttle desk and they told me to wait more… so I did. Finally someone came and just… told me to wait over in the lounge for someone to get me cause the person went out to lunch? =.= So I waited… 45 minutes later I asked when my car might be done and the lady told me its going to take the whole afternoon! Soo… she offered that the shuttle could take me home and back when it was done. So I’m like… why not. I want to go grab my book xD So the shuttle guy takes me home, he was really nice o.o And not so awkward small talk. I liked him. He also took me back xD I felt kinda bad but… hey, its his job xDD I spent an hour at home eating and what not.. it was nice.

So I came back and asked for my car. They said it wasnt done… okay. I waited. Then the girl comes up to me with my keys in her hand saying the car isn’t done and needs a whole another day to be finished. But they ordered the part… it took them.. 5 hours to find out the part to order T.T My gosh. Cant they just replace it?! Nooo… fine. Oh even better? I had to back the car out myself!! That’s right.. normally they would bring it to the side for you so its easier but… I guess not! =.= Fine. It took me the whole ride home to get my seat adjusted right xD

I seriously don’t know if I want to go back… such… bad service!! Minus the shuttle guy, he was cool But the service!!! =.= Is it cause I’m not a guy? Is that it? Don’t ever want to go there again -.- THey just.. left me hanging most of the time. THey didnt even tell me when the parts may come in or when I have to reschedule. I just… left. With 5 hours wasted of my day. Jerks. I’m not sure if I want to put the dealership on here… but let’s just say it starts off with DCH ___.

Okay other than that? I’m sleep -.- Night.