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I sparkled =3

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I did this to my phone recently =3 My sister says it looks evil.. I think it’s cute! No? I sprung for black because I have learned my lesson on putting anything white on my phone >.< Of course that doesn’t stop me from buying white fabric and making bows out of them! Why? I dunno. I just have this attraction to whites and blacks…. more so than neutral beige-ish colors xD Anyways. It had more (more?!) sparkles on it but I took them off because it was too much. Yes. There is such thing as too much sparkles xD Hopefully it stays on for awhile.. I really do hope so. The materials for it was cheap so I’m happy even if it does xD I’m working on making a different kind of lace bow to put as a phone anti-dust plug thing xD Still working on the details on those… I have 2 more done but I haven’t gotten around on posting them up >.< Why? No idea! My goal though is to have something new to post every week o.o (wow really?) Yes really! Can I do it? Why the heck not. I need to plan some goals for myself.

A week left of break anyways. I feel SO under accomplished. Like. It’s starting to hit me.

Though the job search is going better thanks to Gee… I guess I was emanating rays of “help” since he did go out of his way to do so… I think that’s when I know I’ve hit some sort of … block. I dunno. I dunno T.T