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organization op


I organized!! :D I finally took a day out to organize and clean up all my post AX mess. It was well overdue o.o But I changed up my organization and although it seems cluttered everything has a box or a bag (that hangs for ease). So pretty much the top shelf is materials and bow fabrics. The bags that hang are different projects which are written on the right cork board on the door. The nordstrom bag is my next line material that was just so huge it couldn’t fit into the normal fabric section in the drawers. And the bottom is scrap fabrics, tulle, petticoats, wigs and wig head! It seems like a lot but.. well. yea. it’s alot. but I’ve been doing cosplay and crafting for about 7 years now? So my collection has really grown…

But yes! I’m quite proud since I de-cluttered a lot and took inventory and note of a lot of items I have. Finally working on some projects that are years old and that also makes me really happy.

On the note of my next line and brand… today I finally got somewhere with it and I have 4 tentative designs already =3 I’m so stoked!! Planning to have around 7 again which is really ambitious but I think I can do it =3 I just… may need to pull some more resources from people and places. But it never hurt to ask for help right? =3


Sneeze fest

Alright.. so AX was really really fun but I didn’t think I would get SICK afterwards o.o
Cause day 4 was pretty chill, I didn’t even cosplay!! See? (look above)
I wore the shirt I bought =3 Go figure everyone thinks the shirt “heart breaker” fits me. >.> Now thats just mean!! T.T But I have to admit its a cute shirt >.>

Anyhow. That was me in the morning/afternoon. Then I came home… I started to unpack. I took a short nap (man was that needed!!) Then did some stuff on the comp and went off to see some fireworks. Seems normal right? Come home.. suddenly my nose is running and I kept… sneezing!! 1 sneeze means someone is talking good about you. 2 means something bad. 3 means your getting sick =.= Lol! I forgot where I heard that…

SO! I spent today sleeping in (dude I woke up to RIBS, that was YUMMEH) did some posts and what not… then slept more o.o

Everyone on FB is complaining its hot outside and I was wearing a sweater and wrapped in a blanket. But I took some meds and feel alot bettter =3 (so far) I’m cleaning up my cosplay stuff to make my mommy happy. >.>

(which I’m not in too much trouble.. I just have a lot of things to do now….)