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Soon it’ll happen!

Lately I’ve been neglecting on posting some Wong Fu things but THIS trailer (the one above) really has my interest sparked. A web series that they have to.. kind of write on the go and shoot quickly. I know they can do it… it’s… THEM. xD Hopefully the first episode comes out soon =3 I’m excited for it ^^

So yes, this is what I had to post because my day was filled with off types of activities. Some working, some procrastinating, some leveling, and some crafts! I’m so behind but.. I’ll get it done~ I kind of have to… lol!!

Oh I did watch the season finale to Once Upon a Time. Never watched it? Well.. GO WATCH! It’s so… so epic~ If you like fantasy, classical characters and a twist of magic~ I think you’ll love this series. I can’t wait for season 2!! Like.. literally.. I don’t wanna wait T.T