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One sparkly nail

 photo DSCN3637_zps6b4e9dd9.jpg

Just testing out the grip on this bow =3 Annd… my nail polish gets the spotlight on it =3 It was done by my cousin before he left… for some reason it lasts longer when someone else does your nails :/ Although I try not to get pampered by it too much, I like having free reign over my own nails xP (Remember the crazy days of gluing stuff on?! xDDD)

I’ve been.. partially sick for the past few days. Nothing really bad but I’ve been constantly in a weird state. Last 2 nights I took meds before sleeping and I keep waking up at 8am. Which in all honesty wouldn’t be that bad if it wasn’t for the fact that meant I slept 5 hours only and that doesn’t fly well with me as the day goes on >.>;; Soooo… I decided to sleep in more but was still awaken early. Whatever, I liek starting my day before noon anyways xP

So! For having enough sleep at night.. I took 3 naps at the office o.o That’s after coffee and some calcium/vitamin boosts o.o So maybe it’s just the constant night time meds. I’m off of them >.> No more cold medicine!!! T.T I can’t take it xD but I do love explaining all the gross stuff to Gee and have him throw back nerd at me xD Ah… so fun~

I have so much to do guys! I hope this dry throat and light coughing goes away soon >.< Did it stop me from working out? NOPE! I still did some toning which BURNS. Blogilates really knows how to hit them spots xP


I sparkled~

 photo DSCN2810_zpsfb91a05d.jpg

I did my nails =3 This is my.. awkward picture of it >.> But I feel so… girlie with this =3 I kinda wish there wasn’t purple big sparkles on the smaller pink sparkles but… eh. Gotta use what I have right?

On another note. Gee is making me watch LOTR… again. (lord of the rings) so I spent a good 3 hours today just watching that and getting some minimal work done while doing that xDD I woke up at noon today too. So. To get my butt out of bed earlier. I won’t start to do work until noon so if I wake up earlier than that it will be my play games while watching another movie morning =3 That’s my incentive. really~

Now… now I will finish applying to jobs! yea that’s right. I’m being forced to apply to jobs =3= Nerve racking much?




Gee thinks its creepy… think its creepy? xDDD
I did my nails like this about.. 2 weeks ago? I never got a chance to upload pictures.. okay. more like I forgot xD  But they lasted a total of a day!! Why? The lace was really fun to peel off in class LOL! <3 Now though.. my nails are back to ‘normal’ which is a nice light pink with sparkles =3 That’s as normal as it really gets lol! Unless I don’t paint my nails at all… but I like them painted~ It honestly just gives me something to peel off my nail when i’m really bored..>.>

So today? First final done!! Wrote a whole nice page about reaffirmations and ways to prevent and fix problems. It was.. okay. I’m hoping I got at least a B on it but who knows~ Then… then? Thennn… well now I’m going to study for Tomorrow’s final as well as.. thursdays final. Wednsdays final? Eh… I’ll do that on Wed. >.>;; Man… I hate back to back studying, its so.. so.. stressful!!

I hope everyone else has luck on their finals too =D


Dragon is yummy.


At first… I really didn’t like my nails. AT ALL. Look at it!! My sister thought it was a pink dalmation gone wild =.=
but you know what? I think it finally grew on me. I learned to accept it. Why? Because I was able to twist it into something awesome. Actually.. I twisted it into one of my favorite fruits!! =3

Yes. See the resemblance? Kinda..? xDD So now everytime I look at my nails it reminds me of food =DD Oh and my cousin has her nail test in 2 weeks so she’s practicing on everyone in the house xD I get stuck with the whacky experimental designs. I don’t mind~
On the other hand… Gee got a haricut. Umm… Let’s just say its already in the awkward stage and there will be no pics of him for awhile xDD Though I do think someone was being a bit mean to him during lunch. Probably not on purpose. Probably out of.. I guess good intention? But if the person already knows the haircut is bad, why rub it in their faces right? It’s already happened to me back in HS and I really hated the feeling. Why bash when you can jsut imrove~?

Oh! And it seems as though my bad luck catches onto someone =3 It’s nice. If I’m having a bad day… I hate to say it but I like being selfish and hope other people’s day are on the same level. At least the emo corner is warmer~ And when everyone is happy.. well it’s even better! More people to enjoy the joy with~

Alrighty. OTher than that? 1 class canclled. Slept. Gym. No wushu practice. Ate. Homework? Oh. And the icky part is, I can’t shower tonight cause my mom decided to unmold the bathroom T.T I can’t stand the smell AT ALL >.< And I’d rather go tonight without showering and wake up and shower rather than go in there with the chemicals … I mean.. it can’t be healthy for you. And health is important!!

That’s my little post for today~ I moved back to my sewing desk cause of midterm week(s). Hopefully it helps. I really do want to finish Lenne.. I need a shoot! Or I’ll bust out Clannad or something xD


swirlie dotted french nails?


Poka dots.
French tip?!

I seriously couldn’t decide xD Sooo.. I tried to put it all into one!
This is was the results xD Kinda… cute?
It’s like a french tip gone bad xD With splatter dots~

But hey it only took.. meh I’m not sure. I was talking while doing so.. and on the phone o.o;;
Which thanks Kasuki for the wake up call -.- That sooo sucked. it was like 10 when I woke up!

Then again my dad did tell me to sleep last night at 10:30.

Crazy? Yes I know. I guess I was feeling rebellious and slept at 1 instead xD
I cant’ help it. it’s just my sleeping habits.
Not like I’m getting a lack of sleep anyways… my regular 10 hours suit me just fine~

Oh! I bought stuff today~ I’ve been meaning to.. and I was at the mall picking up my sister anyways, so I got my bag and braclet. But I’ll get pics up.. later today or tomorrow.. probably tomorrow xD

I’m happy though~ It’s been a productive day I think… Just time to figure out if I did have homework or not… about 3 weeks left of school and I think I can chill out for now. Think. so. maybe? T.T I want buns…