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tea trio time


BOBA DAAY~ Actually… more of a tea day :D

So the weather here was particularly gross… it’s been raining on and off and the weather has stayed around 85~88 F …. its so sad. Humidity and RAIINN xD But even so it felt terrible to just stay home all day so Gee was actually in the general area so I decided to meet up with him for a few hours to try out a new boba shop! Ahem. I mean TEA shop. Since they specialize in brewing their own teas and what not xD It was decent, what I’m happy about is that I had them put in the normal sweetness and it wasn’t sweet at all! Now isn’t that an awesome place~ =3

Now the question is… why are there 3 drinks? I ran into a friend at the shop who sat with us as I sketched and we watched part of the league LCS~ It was interesting and quite refreshing from the gross weather that was outside >>

ALSO got a new modem today for the internet, I don’t think it’s making it any better tho T.T

Pretty close to finishing all the designs~ I’m excited and super worried… I have a family thing coming up and hang out days with friends. halp. I need time management so badly now. YOSH. I CAN DO IT. I just need the motivation to start right?


Pretty pretty evil


Still not sure if I’m making corsets remotely right… but they seem to be doing what corsets seem to be doing right o.o I even hand stitich it to keep it together for the steel boning!! Anyways this is my sister’s prom dress corset~ I used just extra grey lining and extra black fabric which I believe is from the kirito cosplay… and then some extra black lace I use in bow making :D But isn’t the satin fabric so.. wonderful?! Its really burgundy but for some odd reason I took the picture in terrible lighting and it looks orange to me… Also I got fabric that has some sort of tape on it. ugh. But luckily soap and warm water takes it out :D like my butterfly pins? Love them~

Anywaaayss. Since that’s all done with I finally get to work on AX and designing! It’s hard juggling the two >> Working on it though~ And remember guys, always wash your fabrics!


Weird self


Same day… different me xDD The picture on left was after a mini shoot for a group~ They redid my makeup and it was quite… different. Which you can’t really tell from the picture since I was doing weird faces for selfies XDD The two behind me were doing them until they realized how stupid we probably looked xDDDD oh gosh. the things they do~ And the picture on the right was after I took off the wig and some of the makeup! We were waiting for fooood! At one of our favorite sushi restaurant~~ They always have some sort of a wait but all worth it once we devour like 6 hand rolls =3

Quite interesting days~ Bought some more fabric paint as well and more food things! Which im kinda sad how I bought dessert and ended up not being able to eat alot of it so I saved it and it went bad T.T So sad!!!

More cosplay updates sooon! Or sketch updates o.o I have a lot to update just less time to… well.. update. Hm. I gotta get my priorities straight lol!

Hope you enjoy the weird selfies!!


Frilly frills of a skirt


Created a ruffly underskirt for a little project I’ve been working on~ I tried it with the outfit I was wearing that day and wala! More girlie version of me XDD I need to really update more but it seems like errands and games are just taking over my life T.T Games mainly. I may have to cut back now >> That or just work twice as hard to justify it! lol!!

So I actually go back to job hunting every now and then when I think “hmm.. money. yea. that sounds good” and as I go through the motions I find myself hating it a little bit more each time. And Yes what I want to do is much harder and in the realm of the unknown but.. eh. you know what. I think I can live with just taking a leap of faith. So that’s what happens each time I go and actively seek a regular 8-5 job employment. By the time I find 3rd pratical job for myself I’ve already lost about 80% of my drive. Something about just employing for the sake of money just hurts a little. but money drives what we do and passion is a luxury. I believe tho. I HAVE FAITH! That my designs will come to life and one day I can be a part of people’s magical days (weddings/events/etcetc)

Oh! like my new cardigan? Bought it mainly for my sister but it’s grown on me >> so I’ve been wearing it xD I thought it was more her style but I guess not, well. luckily for me it’s getting warmer (ha… I say that but it’s been raining randomly)

Anyways. hope you like~ I really want to update more on what I’ve been working on but can’t just yet T.T


The iron-er broke..


Ahhh…. T.T The string of uneventful days I’ve been having…. Lately I just haven’t done much in terms of … life and what not xD I did level in Tera more which is nice~ I just hope its not a game I ditch later and regret all the time I spent on it >> I also ended up breaking the iron-er today cause it kinda just… fell from the ironing board.. >> Normally I have it in it’s little slot that’s built into the board but my mother was using it today and she didn’t do that. But really I should have know better xD

I’m also hording stuffed animals… next to my hording of figurines~ =3 That always makes me happy to see =3 But now I have a problem since I need to get a new iron-er like.mm.. asap? It’s an iron-er. Comon. I need that stuffs LOL

Anyways. I have like a backlog of like. 2 weeks worth of stuff. ………………… and then the new projects -hopefully- with other people sooon. Sister’s prom dress is still on hold. My AX stuff hasn’t been touched. OH! Neither has the commission. Heck I need to write an email actually o.o ah crap. Ok. Cutting this short to write more elsewhere –aka emails XDDD