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Music day! – Mr. Taxi~

MR TAXIII<3 Okay this song is INSANELY addicting… And the moves are really hard to do (I tried..? =.=) Me and dancing don’t really mix.. but if someone teaches me I’m okay? lol! Anyhow…

Lets see some good/bad points to this video:
1. Yuri is extra smexy in this. I like her with the highlights =3 And she has a nice butt >.> =3 You can see it better in the dance version though.. Lol!!
2. Sucks that the MV is barely any different than the dance version, I know they can do better… like Gee said.. ADD IN SOME SMEXY CARS!
3. Sica’s hand movement is SOO fun to do~ I won’t tell you where or else everyone will be doing it!!
(Me and Gee have gotten PLENTY of weird looks doing it out in public and honestly? It’s awesome =3)

Haha.. this is what happens when im home early on a Friday. I think I will either.. 1 go shopping (aka joanns and etc around there) or 2 work on some cosplay. Maybe shopping though… cause.. meh. Why not right? =3

Oh and I also like After School’s new song Shampoo. Not as much as like.. Going Crazy or Hoot… I gave those links as the live version to prove a point that… AS’s Shampoo wasn’t really good live o.o At least I don’t think so..? They don’t seem as strong as SNSD yet. Going Crazy still gives me shivers when I hear it live >.> And I STILL dance to Hoot =3 But Shampoo is.. okay. I can give it props for good bg music XDD


Hey there Mr. Taxi

So this isn’t the offical MV but…


It’s also absolutely hilarious to see me and Gee dancing it cause its so dang addicting =.= Arghtnhaetkjlhn aet.

OKay that’s it. Today? I did COSPLAY! And absolutely hate my econ homework. Absolutely. Hate. Econ.
At least I know one concentration I will NOT be going under.

Now im having a mini fight with a friend that refuses to … nvm.  I wont go into it. I don’t wanna talk about people on here. =.= Okay maybe just this one.
Guy A: Wants me to play a boring game.
Guy B: Wants me to read some mission letter of his..?
Guy C: Says I would be a bad client as I don’t appreciate and see meaning to certain work
Guy J: Is  being very entertaining with it all~ He’s a Mr. Taxi =3

Hehe, okay. Time to… sketch! Then sleep. I hope I didn’t forget any homework.. >.<


Hey Mr. Taxi~

This song has been my addiction for the past few days o.o I can’t wait for the mv to come out.. =3 Sica looks so smexy~ (which our , yes I say OUR, obsession for her has grown so much). So.. enjoy it~

Tomoyo actually got worked on today!! Gee was forced nice enough to draw out a cleaner and nicer version of the headpiece.. while I did my job on re-claying it all T.T Argh… why Tomoyo.. why do you suck up all my time?! I still <3 her though, I really wanted a wig for Tomoyo but I suppose my regular hair is okay. It’s FLUFFEH ^^

I had such a HARD time staying awake in class today. I tried all I could.. I even ate choco!! But that lasted.. a few minutes then I almost went back to napping >.< I Have to get more sleep… So does someone with bags under his eyes >.> =P Who just happens to be pouty at me…. how very mature~

Okay… time to finish my sandwhich… yea… thats what I have to make when I get home. My own sammich. T.T I don’t know where all the good food in the house went!!! T.T