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Money… hurts


I’m smiling.. I really am!
But inside… It hurts. What hurts? That in the past 2 days I spent more than I spent probably in total last year… Shopping wise. xD
(so not including food money)
I… don’t know how good this is for me xD I’m glad I have to nerve to do so though. Just because in the past I have always been afraid of it. And slowly.. little by little with all the purchases I have become immune to the spending xD Hey. At least I’m not addicted. I bought all my items out of necessity. Ish.. Today I paid for my bro and sis’s movie tickets >.< Just cause I had to. I’ll get reimbursed for it later xD Hopefully……

That’s my big news. And Joanns must LOVE me. I seriously spend more than 75% of my money there =.=


Ish Kaaa! XD


I think Kasuki is trying to be like… gangsta right here…lol~
No but um… yea~ ^-^;;

Oh! So we’re both getting cosplay done. I think I should take on doing something else…
Like what… salior moon? lol~ No? ^-^;;

I think it’d be cute. actually! I am going to start on lots LOTS of things tomrrow! Sorry if I’m not one >.< I hope I have lots of pictures tomrrow actually! Cause I’m going to the Marukai Festival for a bit. Though I dun have any money… T.T But im going for the…culture? yea!


(Ish kaaa! XD seriously… I’m running out of names for titles… XD)

Totally broke!!

I am actually at school right now. In Accounting class~ You know its not that bad, but I think everyone has the impression I’m like…miserable in here. -pause- okay maybe I am? Well I do homework and what not, so its nice. The girl that I talked to transferred out! T.T So I’m like..what… a third wheel now? >.<;;

I just got $10 today from my mom for lunch money. Yea… It’s before lunch and the money is gone! XD How lame >.<

Shows how much I owe people! Actually I just bought a USB drive 1 gig off of my friend. He had an extra cause he just bought it like… yesterday? I dunno…

Sooo… don’t tempt me to buy anything XD;; I will buy even if I have no money! Well maybe… XD;;
I can’t help but to buy things…but the USB drive a actually need~~ 1gig!! I have like a 524 mb? lol!


I’m so hungry… >.<;; So much for my diet!! (I think I shall get people to join me in it tho…hehe!)

Lovin’ my phone~

Wooooo love my blackberry!! X333
I’m tempted to name it…really XD
But I think that’d be werid…but whatever!

Oh! I so want to go to Marukai right now, there are lots of stuff I want over there. Really!! That and I wanna go more shopping…but I’m broke T.T I don’t want to get more money out of my account, but it seems inevitable at the moment…. T.T;;


Managing my Hair

Poof goes my hair-do XD I’m going to get my hair cut tomorrow!! Hopefully >.<;;
Its soooo long, almost touches my butt now T.T;;

I went to target today! lol and McDonald’s for some ice cream, you know their ice cream is actually very good…mostly the chocolate dipped cone! So yummy ^-^

At Target I got this…hair straightener! I’ve been wanting one but my mom really doesn’t like them… I’m not sure why >.< But Im going to need it for the future, mostly for curling (yes), my brother’s hair, and my bangs that refuse to stay straight. XD
I actually got this flat-iron for sale at Target for about $20. Its alright but I had to buy it with my own money T.T Never thought that day would come XDD;;

As our rule (our I mean mine, my bro’s and sis), ifs its small, buy with your money, itf its big, but it with mom’s XDDD;; jkjk~ Well..kinda ^-^;;