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Another food trip: LA

 photo foodcompilementLA_zpsb4d47527.jpg

We had another LA trip which I still have yet to post a lot about! But… for now since I’m kinda tight on time.. I decided to compile the food pictures together and put them on here =3 It wasn’t a lot but it was YUMMY. (And for once I paid for like.. everything xP I should go open all the doors and pull out chairs now xD)

Basically to sum it all up… after a lot of walking and what not we drove almost 10 miles away just for food! Then another 4 ish miles just for ice cream xD And by then it was already late o.o But of course we had a pit stop at starbucks where they let me study and ..well it’s always fun sitting around doing nothing as long as your in good company (as Gee put it)

So it was fun! And my mother still rants on to me about how I am SO confident of passing since I went out on Friday… and honestly? I wasn’t at the beginning of today but.. now I feel like I am. With tomorrow I can get so much done! So Much… KNOWLEDGE! wo?

I have some pictures ready to go and I’ll try to post during my breaks tomorrow =3 until then… :]



Drink your milk!

This makes you want to drink milk huh? You get taller, smarter, abs?!? HECK YEA. Go drink your milk guys!!! =P


Yum…Miruku Pocky


Kawaii ne? I found this interesting~
It was on the side box of my milk pocky! That Kasuki kinda shared with me~

I already have milk pocky in my collection but I mean… its so good so why not add another!! www