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Lost Puppy.

So here’s the story:

On a Monday, my day off, I decided to stay home and play Sims because.. well I haven’t in SO long. Apparently when the kids came home my dog, Lucki, ran out like a madman and just… ran. Of course the kids went to go find him and trick him into coming back, and at one point we almost had him!! But he evaded us because he thought it was a game. Little did I know…. he found a pile of manure and rolled around in it so he as FILTHY. it was gross. But Lucki had a rep of coming home when he got tired which normally didn’t take long. But apparently, neighbors didn’t like a stinky dog running around. So a MEAN neighbor called pet control on him. Probably alleging him a hazard or dangerous. But comon, he’s this pip squeak that never ever would bite someone. ever.

With that said… animal control came back to my house which…. I guess the mean neighbor pointed it out as the “owners” which technically we ARE after 30 days but I don’t think we ever really thought of Lucki as our dog. Not… really. Since we ARE babysitting him for a “family friend” but … well that’s a new story. Let’s just say they are avoiding us =.= (it’s not us, it’s them!) And we always thought they would come back… I mean they spent $$$$ (notice the 4 signs) on him.

So animal control is at my doorstep and I’m playing my game and the kids are watching TV…. lucky comes running in and she’s like “Is this your dog?” … me: “kinda…?” Cause it really KINDA is? Anyways… she asked if I was over 18 ,yes. And then said “well I’m going to have to cite you.”

…. wha… what…?

ITS NOT EVEN… WHAT?! At this point I was baffled and the lady was MEAN because as much as I tried explaining the situation… she wouldn’t listen. And just kept repeating the same things. I was getting fed up at the point of tears because… it just wasn’t FAIR. So I have a citation for just.. BEING HOME. Cause she didn’t really care if I was the owner. I would’ve said my brother was the owner and I still probably would’ve gotten cited. It just….. I was baffled.

Now I have some citation because this lady refused to even listen to me. I asked for them to wait a bit for my mother to come and explain it because I was getting choked up…. and she said “sure!” then I said great can I wait to sign it just until my mother gets here. And then they threw the “you can be arrested for not doing so” and I was like.. ………seriously? You’re gonna… seriously? Okay fine. I sign the thing. Second thing comes along. (NOT LEGAL) “I want to wait for my mother” “mam, we have other call to respond to” ……wait I thought you were going to wait for my mom “We are very busy, we have other things to do” …………………. (See at this point I wanted to scream and shout because this is authority NOT listening) So she was like “just call and we can change the name on it” FINE. =.=

So that’s my story. It makes me not like the government right now. … no, I take that back. I don’t like those ladies. Because animal control has been at my house before and they never cited us. They talked to us. They listened. They left with us happy, they were happy. What the HELL was wrong with these ladies? I have no idea. Lucki is cleaned up and all though =3 I got him a new collar and leash tooo =3 Oh AND avoided him a trip to the shelter to be put up for adoption… cause my parents wanted to give him up since he’s already costing our family ALOT of money regarding the citation. (ridiculous amount really) And even more for just being able to legally KEEP him as our own. But you know what? He’s been with us long enough to be…. happy. I think so. Even if he “ran away” he comes back XD I think we don’t give him enough walks… that’s all.

It’s been giving me some white hairs but… I want to make Lucki a real part of a family instead of giving him up and it’s forever on my conscious because I won’t know if a nice family adopted him or he’ll just.. stay there…

Note: Did you know the ladies were about to cite me because HUNNY (you know, my adorable bunny) was in our front yard? Apparently that’s “stray” even though he never.. NEVER left the yard. And for people to get to him they need to TRESPASS over a SOLID BRICK WALL or the driveway. So tell me. How is that stray? Why cite a BUNNY?! =.= I had to throw him back into the room for a bit because honestly .. these ladies were gonna apparently eat all the nonexistent money I have. Did they want to take my college money? Great. Cause not like I NEED that =.= (/sarcastic tone)

Yep. That’s pretty much it. Right at finals week. Lovely huh? I wish bad karma on them for making me feel that bad… like… I was in a really bad spot (refer to a post on monday/tuesday?) If I ever see those ladies again….. well. You can use your imagination. Cause that’s what I’ll be doing. And probably some ways to make their job as painful and annoying as possible. Can I make it so they hate their job? xD