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not- “Friday”

*starts dancing* See the cute vid yet? She’s so adorable~

I can always count on IU to make me go “aww!” And instead of any complaining about my day (especially since I’m writing this in the morning) I’ll go with things I love…

I love that the new year is coming… I was never really enthusiastic about 2013 but at the same time it’s really just a number.. I’ve been learning to take life one day at a time.

I love music and it’s ability to keep me sane in the toughest situations
(Did you hear the Japanese version of “Let it go” from Frozen?! It’s quite something… I still like the English and Polish version more though xD Well maybe. At least I can sing to the Japanese and English version… )

I love my cosplay work not as a way to escape but as a way to live out.


cute collars

I honestly don’t know how long this link may stay up and show the video but… for now it should! So…

Here’s IU’s You & I (Japanese Version) She even made a new video for it ^^ She’s so…. so… adorable!! Awww I just wanna squish her =3 She also makes me want to wear more collared things.. (not like I don’t already right? XD) I like this version but I’m so used to the Korean version so I’m already biased towards that >.< But I really do love this version too ^^
(worry for the viet subtiltles… it was either that or Chinese ones but the video quality was worse)

Today was such a disappointment… I ordered fabric online and it’s not what I wanted T.T So I went to Joanns and looked for something else and it was nearly perfect! My gosh -.- I should just stick with what I know best… now I have to go through the hassle of returning it and I lost shipping and handling money T.T

My teeth hurt more than normal today too T.T This sucks >.> I hope I don’t have to go back to the painkillers ….. that’s just a hassle more than anything! But listening to IU makes me feel better =3 IU IU IU~


You know~

Above is IU, being perky and so happy~ It’s in her debut days I believe, but I like it… it’s catchy~

I’ve been trying to stay perky. Today has been a big rollar coaster for me. But not in the sense of my mood going up and down. It’s… I woke up at 7am, went to school, practiced a speech (which you’ll hear of later if I feel like sharing to the world), did my speech, went to take a nap, ate, went to class, studied. By the time I could no longer study anymore it was 7… pm. And I just… 10 hours takes a toll on you. I was perky, nervous, nervous, nervous, perky!, happy!!, neutral, tired, sleepy, hungry, bored, tired, stressed… and from then on it’s just… /dies.

So yea… it’s… it’s the week before spring break so it’s tests and what not that has been crazy. I’ve been sleeping a bit earlier just to wake up extremely earlier >.< Ugh. This is harsh. I’m scared for the exam tomorrow.. haven’t had enough time to prepare!! T.T


being mia~

I love how IU loves to have live orchestras playing behind her~ It’s really cute and.. I think it would be fun to do lol! This is one of her older songs, but I like it~ It’s a nice song to listen to.. heck.. IU is just awesome to listen to <3

Oh today? Cosplay day. Tomorrow? Cosplay day! Don’t expect much from my posts… so enjoy this video in the meantime~


Know it? Nope!

I’ve been… growing fond of this song~ Then again.. I really do like IU alot.. even though I say her name like UI lol~ <3

I’m not sure why I’m doing this post at school. Weird huh. Maybe cause I can… lol! I just took a test…. I love being one of the firsts to finish ^-^ Comon… its either you know it or you don’t… yea you can sit there and try to think it through but then you save that for the end. It also means you missed a part of the lecture in which was probably important =P At least that’s how it is in my subjects. It was finance btw, it’s okay. I can do numbers fine. And oddly enough… I really like finding the calculations that have to do with stocks and bonds… but only in a school setting.

Oh right… back to the video. The rest of the songs in her new album “Last Fantsy” are pretty good. Some slower than others but once listening to them, they grow on you xD Plus I like the whole fantsy ‘disneyland-like’ theme to it all. xD Oh… too many videos on my page now. Oh well~