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It’s the force~


I know I knooww T.T How … geeky right? No. It’s not. It’s pure awesomeness~ It’s on my sketchbook.. like its ON my sketchbook. Permanently! It’s lovely no? Just made it out of clay for fun =3 I think if I was to make another i’ll have to do more measurements and make it smmooth~ But I’ll make something for my sketchbbok each time I make a charm! Which…  I do have done but I’m not very proud of >.> Here’s a picture anyways. I know it can be better T.T


It’s okay. It’s a silver.. octopus? xD With Bombomb like eyes.. lol!! Dont ask >.>

Anyhow. Today? Played some Little Big Planet with my sis. Did some errands…. got more tissues! Got boba >.> I needed that baby. Annnd… I found a cute bikini which I have to go look at again cause they didn’t have my size T.T Next time!!! Time to sketch some more and see what I can do with some fabric and old things =333