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My half cosplay XD


So this is what came in yesterday~
And I’m finally trying it on! lol.

And I call it my ‘half’ cosplay because… its store bought XD
Like… my actualy cosplays is the ones I make kinda. kinda? lol~

Actually I’m glad I got this before my next con too! Cause… well… at least I won’t be wearing the same outfit all what… 3 days? XD;;
I mean its not like I don’t mind wearing the same thing for… 3 days. I just like to change things up.
This is kinda.. generic. if thats the word for it. Anyone can pull it off I believe. ALmost anyone XD

So I’m thinking up an idea to make this cosplay… my own. somehow… somehow XD

And thats the extent of my post for this XD

Omgsh I redid the bow and it took forever to make it good again! the bow >.>;; I can’t take it off either. XD


Sailor Fuku ^-^



I’m so happy ^-^ MY brother actually got me my sailor fuku cosplay~~
So happy~~~!! I didn’t think he got it! And it came in today and I was so surprised!!

But he got me a size M… which I guess is good because the skirt fits right while the shirt is kinda big >.<;;

But yea! Kawaii ne?
I’llt ry to get a pic of me in it tomrrow XD