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Most uncomfy shoes ever


Have I ever mentioned I’m an absolute HATER of flats?
Even with boots, shoes, and the really flat tennis shoes.
It’s not because it doesn’t give me height, it’s because… I just don’t like them!! They feel funny. Like.. the curve in my feet starts to flatten out and my posture gets worse. I also look weird with them, I like how heels gives you a bit more class.

Today I actually threw on jeans and my heels just to run some errands. My cousin thought I came back from meetings friends or was going somewhere important. I was like.. wth?! Its just.. jeans… tank top.. heels xD It matched nicely though~

These flats hurt too xD I can’t wear them without socks. ugh =.= It’s fine. A temp solution to my ugly HS tennis shoes. Oh the joy right? I’ll buy more shoes later~ Glad this was cheap. Thanks Payless.
(Oh I remember the past when I was ashamed to wear Payless shoes. Well you know what? I make them work for me now~)