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Elementa Fashion Show

And welcome to the sexy legs :DDDD

MY FASHION SHOOWWW!! Well. one of them :D SO glad to have a video of it, kind of sad I messed up… but in my defense I only got to practice it … once. And I was stressing out from quite a bit of things… >> But the girls walked wonderfully and I’m glad :D

Heather edited the video! She’s taking a lovely video editing class so she’s been taking our trips and editing/filming them~ Gee actually filmed this fashion show on his go pro but the good spot was taken by a fancy videographer so the positioning made it so gee couldn’t actually see the screen.. but for not really looking I think it turned out good :D

Anyways.. Happy first of June~ CRUNCH TIME MONTH. Not sure how much updates you’ll get out of me from here to the end of august… busy busy o.o but I’m glad~