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Sweat drink


On Friday when we went on a small “trip” me and Gee stopped by a Mitsuwa and got this stuffs~ The one on the left is a Pocari Sweat which for the longest time I though it had a gross concept because… well to be honest I thought it meant that there was sweat in there for “sweat” inspired… but hhey! Give me some slack. What else was I suppose to think way back in HS?! >.>;;; Point is… we Finally decided to try it out because we’ve seen athletes drink it alot in the animes… and so our verdict? Yummy. lol! Kind of tastes like grapefruit!
On the other hand.. I got apple juice! Like SUPER sweetened apple juice!! Qoo~

I recently got a new shopping app which makes shopping ALOT of fun just because it makes going into a store feel like a scavenger hunt =3 Basically I was at Target and it lets you scan certain items to get “kicks” which is what they call their point system. From that you can accumulate “kicks” to redeem gift cards! Yep. just like that. App is called shopkick. It’s interesting… really is. In a day or so I already have 500 kicks and I can redeem a $2 target gift card!! >.> of course I wont… I’ll just wait and get something bigger. But it’s nice to be able to get a free $2 so quickly. (woo for uni student not having money! =3)

Alright. No more work tonight. I’ll wake up and drink coffee xD




Ah I love how Starbucks can spell “nikki” so many different ways =3

Let’s see… I’ve gotten: Niki, Nicki, Nicky, Niccki… yea…. sometimes I even get Vicki xD People really like calling me that >.>

So Starbucks is so bad for me.. I go there to buy a Iced green tea and they have the promotion going on right now where you come back after 2pm if you bought something before 2pm and get a grande for just $2 >.> So I get cheap tea in the morning and come back for a frap >.>;;; GReat huh? Hey, Green tea frap doesn’t have any coffee in it so I can drink it as late as I want ^^

I know I didn’t post today cause I didn’t have anything really.. interesting. Apparently some earthquakes but… nothing that I felt xD Thank goodness… they’re scary >.> Like… it’s the ground taking revenge on us and we can’t do anything about it! (other than build some very creative foundation I guess…) I mean… I don’t blame it. We dig in the earth as much as we can… cover it with cement… and it’s all cause we evolved this way. Yea, the indians and their tents probably didn’t care too much about earthquakes. So what if one tent went down >.>

Okay okay, don’t always take me seriously when I Say these things xD

But today was..eventful. Ran around with errands and went to a meeting~ …okay.. seminar? Not the most interesting stuff but it really makes me want to learn feng shui…


It’s.. SUPER!


That’s why the … large boba is called at the place near school. Its.. massive.. if you can’t tell from the picture above xD  I got it.. Monday and its Tuesday night and I’m still not done with it.. I’m just gonna throw out the little bit I have left. Its way too much for me..

Today was something.. Class was boring. Didn’t get to turn in my paper … oh well its not even due yet Lol!! It’s getting really hard to be forced to work with other people. I almsot got caught up on anime (yea thats what I decided to do instead of studying for the 2 tests tomorrow).

Err.. well I have 2 tests tomorrow.
future note to myself: No more super cups.. spring for the green tea at starbucks!! Cheaper and more =3


Ichigo Remoneeda


ww.. Strawberry Lemonade!
At Denny’s… some yummy stuff there~

I really love it if theres more strawberry than lemonade though… ^-^

Cause me and Erukii went to Denny’s and I had that and a Sundae only. IT was good. I took a 1/4th of his club sandwhich too~ Really good!

Though I hate it because after I eat I get lazy and tired and sleepy and tec. Its bad but… thats why I don’t like getting full.. yet I like food, but I don’t like chewing the food so much. Well I do to get the flavor but sometimes I’m just lazy! I can see why old people get the creamy stuff, I’d get sick of chewing all the time >.<;;