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Dresses got wreaked


Just this past weekend (LOL or not. I wrote the first half of this about 1~2 weeks ago) I had a wonderful fairy tale photo shoot with a new photographer~ It was entertaining and was really a good experience for me working with a professional photographer. The models were quite professional as well so I was really glad it turned out so nice. One of the models actually complimented us on how organized we were with changing them and bringing things over. I was glad! :D When it comes to my dresses I do have them really organized just because it just looks nicer that way~

I’ve been getting over a cold and since my tax season is almost done I’ve been busy at work. Adding together all the events I have to get ready for I’ve been pretty busy o.o Yet at the same time I haven’t been able to do anything.. it’s weird.

(Here’s where I’m starting off in the present.. aka the 15th)

SO! YEA! Guess what? Those dirty dresses are still in my car and still haven’t been cleaned!! XD I haven’t been able to get around to it and probably won’t be able to until after I come back from the trip >.< Been SUPER busy. Neglecting so much BUT I do have so much planned and I Feel like a trip is exactly what I need to start anew when I come back~~ Thought I’d finish up this post as I’m working on a lot of caffeiene in my system currently. TAX SEASON IS ALMOST OVER, I’m so happy. I need a vaca.


dresses galore


For the past week or two I started this new game on facebook called fashion designer >.> It’s quite a terrible addiction I have. Not only do I get to just design wacky looking dresses… it kills SO much time xD But I suppose it’s stimulating my creative side? It’s quite fun putting extra things on and on until it comes out look cool~ But I saw a trend in the things I’ve been making… which is no color XDDD I guess I’ve been liking the black and white lately~ Don’t mind the two on top to the right… sometimes I get lazy and just do something really simple to accumulate money in the game xD Although I think a few days ago I was doing all blues and mermaid themed…. hm.

Anyways. might get a 2nd… or is it a 3rd? job soon!? Which shocks me but eh, we’ll see how the interviews go :D The first one went terribly but they still ended up giving me a second one probably because my qualifications are wonderful~~ I love how I can confidently say I’ve made over 45 costumes (who knows maybe more at this point) in the past 6 years. And they just keep adding up =3

Other than that.. I’m really tired. I need to go home and do fabric inventory and see what I can do with extra fabric. And start on Ahri soon o.o OH funnnn~~


Dress crazy xD

So lately I’ve been on pinterest and mainly just do it to look at fashiony items and keep track of them xD I love just looking at the cool designs xD Plus it’s a great place for looking at wedding dresses and what not~ No. I’m not getting married! I don’t even know what kind of dress I’d want xD But I do have some elements in mind for a dream dress…  but this is just so I have ideas for my next collection ~ Here’s my lovely board of dresses so far! (no I don’t write the comments xD)

And then I was on facebook and someone posted this link of how couture dresses are sewn by HAND. And it’s crazy!! I was watching this is awe lol! I would much rather be the designer than the person in the back sewing it all on for hours upon hours >.>

but for now… I’m both xD


Poofy dresses are fun

taken from tumblr xD

From Vera Wang

It’s something about the poofy dresses that just make me so excited…. I dunno why. It’s not really the princess factor but more of the cute but elegant one that I just love so much… it’s why I’m not THAT into ruffles but at the same time I am lol~

So I can’t provide you with any good pictures today so I thought this would work just because besdies studying I’ve been forming wedding dresses designs in my head~ I think if I could get funded I really would make them… it’s always been something I think I would love doing.;… making dresses and seeing bride’s faces light up in them… it’s like.. they can’t be happy getting a really pretty dress right?

So yes. I bought a acrylic stand today so I can start making some sort of display for ALA table =3 I’m dreading it cause its 18 days away and that’s just not enough. T.T


An Innocent World

Cute right? It’s from the brand Innocent World. Only in Japan right now, but it made it’s debut at PMX this past weekend!! I LOVE lolita fashion, but not as much as this or this. But I do like this blue dress you see up here. I think I’m more of a… hime lolita or just classy? Because I don’t like the sweet ones so much… or the other ones >.> There are alot! Like different styles of lolitas, and there are many extremes. I think Gee would like me wearing these more than the skirts I wear xD because lolitas are conservatives… Always always always (usually always) have skirts/dresses around the knee area. And its cute!! So I’m thinking of… making a dress like this or similar as part of my spring collection ^^ Not winter, unless I want to make shaws.

I really want to get in the habit (kinda like my bloging habit) of creating different things each season.

To make give me some inspiration.. I’ll show some of the few things I really really do like!! =3

A light dress but I love the details. And a purple skirt, which comes in different colors I believe. I like how it’s high wasited so it looks best with a nice blouse tucked in. Kyaaa~ So many cute things, I’m going on overload right now xDD

Oh not to mention. These items are VERY expensive. It’s like the.. coach of our system. So these pieces and bag and all are well over $100 .. usually. I remember seeing socks from Angelic Pretty for over $40.. SOCKS!! The bags were like $110 for one I wanted o.o So I applaud anyone who is very into the lolita fashion and can afford it all. For me, you can take out all the cute cupcake prints and bright colors. I want to bring a new fashion along~